Yo Tengo Una Muñeca Series

Yo Tengo Una Muñeca Series. Oil on Panel.  20"x16"  May 2012

As a child my mother would sing me a song called “Yo Tengo Una Muñeca” which describes a beautiful and perfect woman- a “muñeca” (doll). 

But what makes something beautiful and perfect? 
With the growing influence of popular culture expectations about physical perfection have increased. Through television, magazines, and the internet, Americans are constantly being exposed to superficial societal standards of beauty.

As a child the media was so convincing that I found myself constantly doubting and judging my own appearance and heritage.  I yearned to become that “muñeca.”

As a teacher my female students would paint self-portraits with lighter skin and hair than their own.  Upon questioning they would tell me that they painted themselves that way to look pretty.  They too are yearning to become “muñecas.”

"Yo Tengo Una Muñeca" is an opportunity for me to dismantle the constructs that have led to obsessions with perfection. The doll-like figures are placed within a superficial environment, and remain completely detached and emotionless.  These painting are my interpretation of the idealized beauty- the “muñecas” that our culture holds onto.


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